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West Care Medical Ltd.



2014 to present

West Care Medical had contacted us in November 2013 to have their company's internal clientel portal and company website redesigned. Conceptualization started in December 2013 and went through three concepts before a fourth one was finalized on. Development started in March 2014 and was completed in July the same year. Further development was made to further enhance its usability in the months that followed.

Concept 1 was put together based on the initial document the client had sent to us. They wanted to mimic their existing website, but update the overall feel to it.

Concept 2 was created after the client and our Creative Producer spoke extensively on his visions. Our Creative Producer put together what he felt the client was trying to achieve.

Concept 3 was the product of many revisions which ultimately lead to the structural framework for the Production Version.

The Production Version was designed by Lisa Knight [http://designsdonenow.com] and laid out in Photoshop. The project was overlooked by Colleen Zapotichny whom had recently joined West Care Medical around the time Concept 3 was birthed. The Photoshop layouts would then be used as a guide in creating the pages and the images used in them.


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